IPTBC Pubblications

-IP Telephony Bandwidth Calculator: a web-based application for network planning support
A. Pescapè, R. De Petris, G. Ventre, B. Fadini
AICA 2001, XXXIX Annual Congress pp. 363-374 –  September 2001, Como (Italy)

-“A simulation model for bandwidth allocation of voice channels over IP networks
A. Pescapè, M. Esposito, S.P. Romano, G. Ventre
ISCS 2001,  pp. 32-37 -  ISBN 88 7146611-X. Cuen Editor –  December 2001,  Napoli (Italy)

The Service Level Agreement Manager: control and management of phone channel bandwidth over Premium IP Networks
A. Pescapè, M. D’Arienzo, S. P. Romano, G. Ventre
15th ICCC2002 International Conference on Computer Communication, pp. 421-432 – ISBN 1-891365-08-8  August 2002,  Bombay (India)

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