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D-ITG, Distributed Internet Traffic Generator 

D-ITG (Distributed Internet Traffic Generator) is a platform capable to produce traffic at packet level accurately replicating appropriate stochastic processes for both IDT (Inter Departure Time) and PS (Packet Size) random variables (exponential, uniform, cauchy, normal, pareto, ...). D-ITG supports both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic generation and it is capable to generate traffic at network, transport, and application layer. We believe that D-ITG shows interesting properties when compared to other traffic generators.

D-ITG currently supports Linux, OSX, Windows and Linux Familiar platforms.

For a short description take a look at this link.

D-ITG version 2.8.0-rc1 has been released.
- last update Aug 11, 2011

D-ITG is open-source and completely free. For professional services please refer to D-ITGPro.

If you want to receive information on D-ITG updates, please use the registration page.

When refering to D-ITG, please cite the following reference: A. Dainotti, A. Botta, A. Pescapè, "A tool for the generation of realistic network workload for emerging networking scenarios", Computer Networks (Elsevier), 2012, Volume 56, Issue 15, pp 3531-3547.

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